THE INDICTER – November 2015 issue

THE INDICTER – Denouncing war crimes & human rights abuses that MSM won't tell you about. 1 Issue, 22 November. THEME: THE EU REFUGEE CRISIS & THE PARIS ATTACKS IN THE CONTEXT OF THE SYRIA WAR CAUSES

European Human Rights Front

The European Human Rights Front (EHRF) is a platform of HR publishers, activists, authors and journalists, joining efforts to provide in-depth analyses on a specific theme, and gathered in one same issue. We shall have statements on current international issues representing breaches to the principle of human rights for all, and we will run the monthly publication The Indicter. In this publication, started November 2015, each volume corresponds to a central theme with both political and human-rights international relevancy.

In the launching of this initiative have participated human rights organizations as well as prominent publishers of political blogs in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe.

Founder of EHRF and editor-in-chief of Front Analyses is Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli (Italy and Sweden), publisher of The Professors’ Blog and chairman of Swedish Doctors for Human.

See further on Front Analyses‘ editorial board here.

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